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That Girl Wearing Green
Hi! This is Arche, from Spain. 21.
Expect lots of random things, like Hetalia, Free!, Homestuck, Pokémon, Shingeki no Kyojin, Hyouka, Megaman... And so on.
NSFW sometimes.
I speak spanish and english, but I'm not perfect in the last one.
Welcome to my blog!

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Of all the dreams and things I wish, to find him again is the most sad and heartbreakening one.
Because I know it’s extremely improbable, and that I won’t be able to recognize him anymore.

But I am still here. He liked this place, and so do I.
That’s enough for me, as always.

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It kinda went out of hand and im not even in the village right now. The night out here it’s beautiful, but not as beautiful as yesterday.

2 am and I’m in alone walking on the streets because the weather is so nice it’s better than in my house. I think that there’s no one in the park rn and I can be alone a little while. Cool.

It’s strange because I’m not that sad about it anymore. Now it’s more bitterness than anything.

"So … Fukube Satoshi is officially gay … or not yet?"

Me (just wondering if he is or not yet Or he is just bi?

 And not only in the fujoshis’s minds…

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my meals in the summer
breakfast: 3pm
dinner: 11pm
more food: 1am
midnight snack: 4am


"we have to talk"

"can i ask you something??"

"theres something i have to tell you"


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put on your cute boots and summon the dead.

i met Marceline’s voice actress this weekend at XCon and she was a pretty cool lady.

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